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global footprint, local expertise + digital freight forwarding.

Our commitment to a global network powered by our industry’s best digital freight solution that delivers greater visibility, connectedness, efficiencies, and opportunities.


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A fully integrated system, allowing you to work seamlessly with any global network offices.

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Connecting to the digital world to find your freight solutions any place, any where to take your business to the next level.

The digital world is evolving every minute, every second and at a rapid pace.

At Logfret, we understand the need to stay connected and constant communication is IMPORTANT. Our team in global locations is well-equipped to manage our customer’s needs across the globe, offering our logistics expertise to customers consistently.

We have a strong working partnership with our agents/partners where we do not have a presence.

Wherever you are, trust that Logfret has the solutions for you. Always ready to offer knowledge and expertise to manage all your logistics needs.

NEOLink worked with our order processing system. It did not replace them or try to force a square peg solution into a round hole. It was what NEOLink did better than the others in the market—their system flexed to match our system. NEOLink did not go in and say, “This is what we have, like it or not.”

Procurement Director

Pumps Manufacturer

We made a huge improvement in global visibility with a global platform—anyone can log into NEOLink and look at a shipment anytime, anywhere in the world. We wanted a freight forwarder with a good technology platform, which could handle the complexities of our business and we found NEOLink!

A global leader in performance materials and specialty chemicals

My suppliers have less or zero experience with international logistics. Thus, not able to create proper documentation which leads to tremendous delay. Thanks to NEOLink who provide training to all suppliers and work with us to build up a consolidation hub to reduce transportation costs significantly.

One of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of ride control products