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Our commitment to solve your logistics problem and raise your expectation through our industry’s best digital logistics and supply chain solutions, taking your businesses to the next level.

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Logfret is an international freight forwarding company comprised of 190 offices and agencies in over 65 countries.

We know that each and every shipment represents both all the effort that went into the creation of the goods you’re sending, as well as the expectations of the recipients of those goods. A guiding principle that has earned us a reputation as the best resource for secure and competitive transport of any shipment by land, sea and air.

The New Digital Freight Forwarder!

Once only a subheading under transportation, logistics has become the buzzword of business. And, as the world is getting smaller and transparent, the challenge and demand for every industry, particularly logistics, is to provide speed, transparency, and efficiency. As your freight partner, we strive hard to find a quick enough and appropriate response. The solution to this equation lies before our eyes: TECHNOLOGY!

Digital freight forwarding is not a rumor! The industry has changed. The pace is accelerating, the digital race is now well underway. Logfret has continually adapted and moving ahead of the changes at full speed, creating NEOLink.

NEOLink, powered by Logfret, is a supply chain logistics system that gives you global visibility of your cargo (track your shipment), enabling you to view, analyze and optimize your shipments, getting a quote in real time. Provide efficiency and convenience of self-service 24X7, no time difference, no downtime.

Logfret incorporates flexible, cost-efficient, quality-controlled services that comply with all international rules and regulations. We have added the most up-to-date information technologies to secure your orders.

Founded in Europe in the early 1970s by Jean-Francois Millet, the company has grown under his keen insight and supervision. Now family owned and internationally operated and spearheaded by his son – Marc Millet.

Working across oceans and cultures has its own challenges. Logfret has invested in its growth and in the range of services it provides. Its size, profile, and network are perfect for the demands of the new millennium. Logfret supports industrial companies and manufacturers with a worldwide network servicing both Fortune 500 Corporations and small to mid-sized companies. Each project is handled in a confidential and professional manner, strengthening Logfret’s reputation daily.

Logfret comprises of 190 offices and agencies in over 65 countries on six continents as follow:

  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Western and Eastern Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Asia
  • Africa

We understand the increasing global demands on getting your products delivered on time, every time.

We know that your business has pressure to succeed. You should be concentrating on your core services and products. Leave the entire supply chain process to your freight partner, NEOLink to do the job for you.

For more information about NEOLink, powered by Logfret or to arrange a live demonstration, contact us today at aneo@goneolink.com

NEOLink worked with our order processing system. It did not replace them or try to force a square peg solution into a round hole. It was what NEOLink did better than the others in the market—their system flexed to match our system. NEOLink did not go in and say, “This is what we have, like it or not.”

Procurement Director

Pumps Manufacturer

We made a huge improvement in global visibility with a global platform—anyone can log into NEOLink and look at a shipment anytime, anywhere in the world. We wanted a freight forwarder with a good technology platform, which could handle the complexities of our business and we found NEOLink!

A global leader in performance materials and specialty chemicals

My suppliers have less or zero experience with international logistics. Thus, not able to create proper documentation which leads to tremendous delay. Thanks to NEOLink who provide training to all suppliers and work with us to build up a consolidation hub to reduce transportation costs significantly.

One of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of ride control products